Sunday, 10 March 2013

State of play

There are good reasons to stay in the Liberal Democrats (here are two pithy summaries, from
from George Potter, and Jennie Rigg).  But to get the ball rolling with this blog, here is a round-up of comments by various liberals on why they have left the party:

Richard Huzzey, in December 2010, over student fees

Paul Clein, in February 2012, over the NHS and student fees.

James Graham, in March 2012, on a series of issues (his fuller throughts here).

Kiron Reid, in October 2012, to contest the PCC election. (He came third as an independent candidate for Merseyside, clearly ahead of the official Liberal Democrat.  He wrote about this experiences in Liberator 357, February 2013).

Jo Shaw and Dinah Rose, March 2013, over secret courts.


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